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What are the implications of the Award in the Philippines v. China arbitration case for the marine environment?

Part XII of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) codifies States’ “obligation to protect and preserve the marine environment.” In the Philippines’ arbitration case against China, its submissions addressed and sought the Tribunal’s conclusions on several relevant environmental issues. In the final Award, the protection of the marine environment was taken into consideration, and there are two major potential implications of the Award for environmental issues. These relate to (1) the preservation of the marine environment and (2) environmental cooperation between countries.

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Commentary: Managing the South China Sea Commons through Science Policy

Perspectives 10 · 2016

Environmental degradation remains at the center of scientific conversation on the South China Sea as more marine scientists sound the alarm about the environmental consequences of China’s island-building activities there. The problems facing the sea are as vast, deep, and seemingly intractable as the sea itself, and the need to address issues of acidification, biodiversity loss, climate change, and the destruction of coral reefs is urgent. The key is international scientific cooperation and for scientists from around the world to come together to provide policymakers with the information they need to make informed and responsible decisions in the South China Sea.

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Interview with James Borton: Vietnamese Environmental Nationalism and the Campaign to “Save the East Sea”

Perspectives 8 · 2016

The South China Sea Think Tank interviews James Borton about his experiences in the Chàm Islands, the emerging environmental awareness there, and the campaign to inspire Vietnamese youth to become more involved in national environmental issues.

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Interview with James Borton: “Science Diplomacy” as a Solution to the South China Sea Disputes?

Perspectives, 1 · 2015

The South China Sea Think Tank interviews James Borton about “science diplomacy,” prospects for international cooperation on environmental issues, and Taiwan’s role in the South China Sea.

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