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South China Sea Event Timeline: 1900–1969

The South China Sea Event Timeline aims to become the world’s most accurate and comprehensive chronological reference about the history of the South China Sea maritime territorial disputes. From major incidents at sea to meetings and statements of world leaders, events of all types are included in the event timeline, the complete volumes of which span over a century of history in the region. Today, the event timeline is one of the few indispensable sources of information to date for policymakers, researchers, students, the media, and others interested in the disputes.

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Prime Minister’s Office, Singapore: On ASEAN’s position on the South China Sea (32nd ASEAN Summit)

Prime Minister’s Office, Singapore: On the Code of Conduct in the South China Sea (32nd ASEAN Summit)

CGTN: Chinese Navy conducts its largest military drills in South China Sea

CCTV+: Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi on South China Sea Issue

CGTN: China has strong resolve to stability in the South China Sea

SCSTT Virtual Library

The SCSTT Virtual Library aims to be the world’s most comprehensive, easily accessible, and user-friendly repository of official statements, international agreements, and public-domain documents related to the South China Sea maritime territorial disputes.

As policies, institutions, and technologies change, important documents often become unavailable online. To help solve that challenge, SCSTT created the Virtual Library to help ensure that these documents remain available and easily accessible to researchers, governments, students, and others interested in South China Sea issues.

You can use the Virtual Library in several ways:

  1. Browse the SCSTT Virtual Library archives.
  2. Search the entire SCSTT website using the search form on the right or just the Virtual Library by clicking and adding your search to the end of the URL.
  3. Share documents by clicking the relevant social media buttons below each document listing.
  4. Submit documents that are not yet available to

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CCTV+: China Completes Laying Longest Undersea Pipeline in South China Sea

CGTN: China sends Su-35 fighter jets for South China Sea patrol

The Star Online: Murky problem in the South China Sea

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