South China Sea Think Tank (SCSTT) is an independent, non-profit organization that promotes dialogue, research, and education on South China Sea issues.

As non-profits, SCSTT and its parent organization, the Asia-Pacific Policy Research Association, depend on donations from generous individuals, institutions, and businesses to support our missions.

To become a member, donate, or update your contact details, please (1) fill out the SCSTT Membership/Donation Form and (2) use one of the methods below to make the payment.

Institutional Sponsor Levels:

  • Platinum Sponsor: $50,000+ USD (1,500,000+ NTD)
  • Gold Sponsor: $5,000–50,000 USD (150,000–1,500,000 NTD)
  • Silver Sponsor: $1,000–5,000 USD (30,000–150,000 NTD)
  • Bronze Sponsor: $200–1,000 USD (6,000–30,000 NTD)
  • Please contact directly to inquire about institutional sponsorships

Individual Donor Levels:

  • Distinguished Member: Donate $1,000+ USD (30,000+ NTD). Lifetime membership.
  • Member: Donate $30+ USD (30,000+ NTD), or publish an article with SCSTT. Two-year membership.

Online donations can be made via PayPal, credit card, or debit card:

  • To make an online donation, click here.
  • Payments will appear on your card statement as “PAYPAL *APPRA”.

Donations from within Taiwan can be transferred to:

  • Bank name (銀行名稱): 臺灣銀行木柵分行
  • Account name (戶名): 亞太政策研究協會
  • Bank code (銀行代號): 004
  • Account number (帳號): 229-001-00425-2

International donations can be transferred to:

  • Bank address: NO. 145, SEC. 1, SINGUANG RD., WENSHAN DIST., TAIPEI, TAIWAN
  • Account name: Asia-Pacific Policy Research Association
  • Account number: 229-001-00425-2

After completing the transfer, please contact SCSTT at if you would like us to prepare a certificate for your records.

Donations may be tax-deductible in Taiwan. Please note that an individual’s total charitable donations within a calendar year must exceed the threshold set by the Taxation Administration for the donation to be claimed when filing taxes. Please visit the Taxation Administration website for more details.