South China Sea Think Tank is an international network of researchers, policymakers, government and military officials, and postgraduate students. The diversity of our membership helps us to remain one of the only truly independent, non-profit organizations focusing on South China Sea issues.


Fu-Kuo Liu (劉復國): Executive Director, Taiwan Center for Security Studies; Research Fellow, Institute of International Relations

Michael Gau (高聖惕): Professor, Institute of the Law of the Sea, National Taiwan Ocean University

Anne Hsiu-an Hsiao (蕭琇安): Associate Research Fellow, Division of American and European Studies, Institute of International Relations

Richard Hu (胡瑞舟): Major General (Ret.), ROC Army; Deputy Executive Director, Taiwan Center for Security Studies; Assistant Professor, Department of Diplomacy, National Chengchi University; Professor, National Defense University

Raviprasad Narayanan: Assistant Research Fellow, Institute of International Relations

Hsiao-Chun Tai (戴孝君): Executive Board Member, Asia-Pacific Policy Research Association; Advisor, Taiwan Center for Security Studies

Kuan-Hsiung Wang (王冠雄): Professor, Graduate Institute of Political Science, National Taiwan Normal University

Tiehlin Yen (閻鐵麟): Captain (Ret.), ROC Navy; Deputy Executive Director, Taiwan Center for Security Studies


Jonathan Spangler: Secretary General, Asia-Pacific Policy Research Association

Deputy Directors

Olga Daksueva: Adjunct Lecturer, Program of Social Innovation Leadership, National Chengchi University

Moises Lopes de Souza: Researcher in Asia Studies, International Relations Research Center, University of São Paulo; Associate Researcher, Center of Latin-America Economy and Trade Studies, Chihlee Institute of Technology

Researchers (Non-resident)

James Borton: Faculty Associate, Walker Institute, University of South Carolina; Non-resident Fellow, Saigon Center for International Studies, University of Social Sciences and Humanities in Ho Chi Minh City

Alex Calvo: Guest Professor, Nagoya University (Japan); Member, Center for International Maritime Security (CIMSEC)

Serafettin Yilmaz: Researcher, Department of Political Science and Public Administration, Shandong University (Jinan, China)


Dean Karalekas: Adjunct Professor, College of Social Sciences, National Chengchi University; Co-founder and Associate Editor, Strategic Vision for Taiwan Security, published by Taiwan Center for Security Studies and National Defense University (ROC)


Rangga Aditya Elias

Mark Henderson

Aaron Jensen

Wolfgang Pape

Richard Q. Turcsanyi


Sam Bateman

Jay L. Batongbacal

James Borton

Alex Calvo

Chen-Ju Chen (陳貞如)

Gregory Coutaz

Olga Daksueva

Do Viet Cuong

Senia Febrica

Richard Javad Heydarian

Nong Hong (洪农)

Richard Hu (胡瑞舟)

Natalie Klein

Fu-Kuo Liu (劉復國)

Xinchang Liu

Moises Lopes de Souza

Raviprasad Narayanan

Raul (Pete) Pedrozo

Sumathy Permal

Carlos Santamaria

Jonathan Spangler

Tsung-Han Tai (戴宗翰)

Mark Valencia

Chris Whomersley

Shicun Wu (吴士存)

Tiehlin Yen (閻鐵麟)

Serafettin Yilmaz

Sukjoon Yoon

Li-chung Yuan (袁力強)

Feng Zhu (朱锋)

Keyuan Zou (邹克渊)


Xiaoli Jin (金小力), Summer 2016

Manuel Modoni, Summer 2016

Chutian Zhou (周楚天), Fall 2016

Jingxi Zhao (赵竟希), Fall 2016

Qiuyi Wang (王秋怡), Fall 2016

Quoc Le Anh Do, Winter 2016–17

Christoph Brauer, Winter 2016–17

YingHui Lee (李颖慧), Spring 2017

Kate Louis Matriano, Spring 2017

Xiaoyu Zhao (赵晓宇), Spring 2017

Robert Jarvis, Spring 2017

Tomas Jevsejevas, Spring 2017

Joshua Bertin, Summer 2017

Nathan Paul, Summer 2017

Michelle Verbeek, Summer 2017

Bailey Reed, Fall 2017

Jared Silber, Winter 2017–18

Andrew Bavelock, Winter 2017–18

Rachel Hutchison, Spring 2018

Suebin Park, Spring 2018

Colby Berry, Spring 2018

Yifei Dong, Spring 2018

Zilu Zeng, Spring 2018

Lise Audet, Spring 2018

Peter Morton, Summer 2018

Zan Jin, Summer 2018

David Bradshaw, Summer 2018

Nicholas Stores, Summer 2018

Astrid Vertneg, Fall 2018


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