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Interview with James Borton: “Science Diplomacy” as a Solution to the South China Sea Disputes?

Perspectives 1 • 2015 • By Jonathan Spangler and James Borton

The South China Sea Think Tank interviews James Borton about “science diplomacy,” prospects for international cooperation on environmental issues, and Taiwan’s role in the South China Sea.

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Taiwan’s Energy Dependence and the Securitization of SLOCs

Issue Briefings 6 • 2015 • By Serafettin Yilmaz

Almost entirely dependent on imported energy resources, the securitization of sea lines of communication in the South China Sea is a critical aspect of Taiwan’s energy security.

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China, Confidence-Building Measures, and the South China Sea Peace Initiative

Issue Briefings 5 • 2015 • By Gregory Coutaz

Following the launch of the South China Sea Peace Initiative, this very brief article looks into the contribution of confidence-building measures (CBMs) in the region and why China should welcome them.

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