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China, Confidence-Building Measures, and the South China Sea Peace Initiative

Issue Briefings 5 • 2015 • By Gregory Coutaz

Following the launch of the South China Sea Peace Initiative, this very brief article looks into the contribution of confidence-building measures (CBMs) in the region and why China should welcome them.

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Assessing China’s Land Reclamation in the South China Sea

Issue Briefings 4 • 2015 • Sukjoon Yoon

China’s unprecedented land reclamation projects have emerged as one of its key strategies in the South China Sea, yet evidence suggests that these efforts may not represent the country’s broader long-term interests.

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Sino-centrism in Russia’s SCS Policy

Issue Briefings 1 • 2015 • Olga Daksueva

While the Kremlin has been explicit about its policy of economic engagement in the Asia-Pacific region, it has been less vocal about its strategic approach to the South China Sea, which evidence indicates is driven primarily by its relationship to China in the region.

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